Start Racing (SR1)


The Start Racing(SR1) course runs for 8 weeks on successive Sundays.

The SRI course is open to kids 8-14 years old. You will have successfully completed the Learn to Sail and Better Sailing courses or have the equivalent skill level.Now you can learn the skills so you can comfortably join in the fun and challenge of competition as you learn the basics of racing and participate in our Green and Silver Fleet racing.

The course will include

  • basic racing rules
  • perform basic racing skills
  • gunwale capsize recovery
  • rigging your boat for optimum performance
  • reacting to wind shifts
  • start line boat skills

Bottom of Form

This course is only available to club members as club membership is a prerequisite of interclub racing.As a volunteer club all members are expected to assist in the running of the club. It might be a couple of days a season in the canteen, patrol boat driver, race scribe or boat crew.

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