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Shed Rental allows you to store your boat at BYRA and is for Full Members only.

Associate Membership does not qualify you for shed rental.

Slots are allocated on a first-pay-first-served basis at the beginning of each season when membership opens in September.  The rates for a floor rack are higher than off-the-ground storage. Note that shed rental is available to full members only.

Download the Shed Rental Agreement.

  • Terms & Conditions 1. That the rental charge for boat storage will be paid in advance at the rate fixed by the Association from time to time. All boats on a rack cost $210. All boats stored on the floor cost $270. Note: Canoes and kayaks must be stored in a rack. 2. That the boat and its gear will be stored only in such racks or places as the Association’s Committee directs. 3. That BYRA may arrange for the boat and its gear to be removed to such other racks or places within the boat shed as the Committee may direct. 4. That all spars, foils, rigging racks and dollies left in the boat shed must be marked with boat name and / or sail number. 5. Priority in allocation of storage spots is given to sailing boats that participate regularly in the club's sailing activities. Owners of craft that, in the opinion of the Club Committee are not in this category, may be asked to remove their craft from the club during the season, in which case a pro-rata refund of shed rental will be paid. 6. In the event that a request is made by BYRA to remove my vessel from the clubhouse under clause 6 or otherwise, if I have not done so within 60 days from the despatch of a registered notice (by mail to the last known address), or have not entered into a new rental agreement by the 30th of September in any year, whichever comes about first. The Association (BYRA) may without further reference to me, what so ever: a. Remove the vessel from BYRA’s boatshed to any place deemed appropriate without further notice to me and/or b. Dispose of the vessel by any means and give clear title to ownership to any new purchaser. With the proceeds of the sale deduct any monies owing to the Association, including but not limited to, the cost of removing the vessel to an offsite storage facility pending the sale taking place. c. Dispose of the vessel by giving clear title by sale, gift, charter of any such means without being liable to me for any financial consideration should BYRA see fit. d. That I will hold the Association, its members and its officers harmless in respect of any damage, loss or injury suffered by the yacht, its gear or any person as a result of the yacht being stored in the Association’s Boatshed.
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Rack, Floor, Vertical (PJs & Tenders only)