Better Racing (BR2)


The Better Racing(BR2) course runs for 8 weeks on successive Sundays.

The BR2 course is open to kids 8-14 years old. You will have successfully completed and enjoyed your introduction to racing course Start Racing (SR1).  Ideally you have your own boat and are competing in the club races, but are wanting to improve your performance and compete at a higher level.

Better Racing and the BYRA coaches will all help you get there.

  • a greater understanding of tactics,
  • wind patterns
  • boat tuning techniques
  • develop a training plan,
  • maximise performance for racing,
  • develop race tactics based on the course

This course is only available to club members as club membership is a prerequisite of interclub racing.As a volunteer club all members are expected to assist in the running of the club. It might be a couple of days a season in the canteen, patrol boat driver, race scribe or boat crew.

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