Associate Membership


Associate Membership is for non-sailing members who would like to support BYRA and take part on a social basis.

Associate Membership does not include membership to Yachting Australia.

Note that BYRA’s boat storage facilities are limited and not included in membership. If you would like to store your boat at BYRA you need to join as a sailing member.  Please contact us first to ensure there is a suitable space before purchasing Shed Rental.

  • Membership of Bayview Yacht Racing Association, (BYRA), is subject to the terms and conditions of membership. By submitting your online registration you are representing that each named person on the registration has given you authority as their agent to bind them to those terms and conditions and that you have parental responsibility for each minor or incapable person named on the registration. The terms and conditions of membership are that each member agrees to observe the provisions of BYRA’s constitution, policies, safety procedures, codes of conduct, sailing instructions; and be aware of the risks associated with sailing.Each member agrees to comply with the rules made by BYRA management committee from time to time in accordance with the BYRA’s constitution, including those concerning the use of the BYRA and its facilities and sailing activities organised by BYRA and including any terms and conditions set out on this page. The membership is valid for 1 calendar year, renewable every year on 1 August. This membership is not transferable or refundable.
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