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Keelboat & Small Yacht Racing

keelboat and
small yacht racing

Whilst Yacht racing was the reason that BYRA was founded in 1949 the emphasis of the club has turned to dinghy sailing and teaching the young yacht racers of the future.

There are members who have small yachts and keelboats on the swinging moorings off the clubhouse who cruise Pittwater

The club wants to encourage Keelboat members, who are often also dinghy participants, to meet on a number of outings during the year. It may be an excursion to the Hawkesbury area or a raft up somewhere and of course, there is the Portuguese Beach Picnic outing in April.

Keep an eye open for news on the website, on Facebook, and in our newsletters for further information.

Lion Island challenge trophy

The Main Event of the Season

The main event of the season will be the commemorative Lion Island Challenge Trophy held on the last Sunday in November which remembers the founders of the club who raced round Lion Island in 1949. The Start is at noon on the waters in front of the clubhouse. There will be a briefing at 11o’clock, at the clubhouse, which information will also be posted on Facebook.

Guest /visitor boats are welcome to participate. Contact the person responsible for Keelboat Matters .

twilight racing

Tuesday nights

The tuesday night Twilight races will be reintroduced this 2018 – 2019 Season after a two-year break. Whilst all sizes of keelboats are welcome, we have found mostly ‘Classic’ craft and those that have seen a couple of decades or so under their hull are most popular. The racing is held north of Scotland Island. The start is in the vicinity at Hall’s Wharf and Little Lovett Bay. The courses include Stokes Point , Taylors Point, Morning Bay/Towlers and Clareville marks.

For more details contact the BYRA Keelboat rep,
Rob Warnes E: P : 0451 823 314