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welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard to BYRA! We offer two courses dedicated to helping Juniors learn to sail

SS1 Start Sailing 1 – Introduction to Sailing
SS2 Start Sailing 2 – Refining Skills

Start Sailing 1 (SS1)

A course focused on having FUN and covers sailing principles on why and how a boat sails.

This course is run over a 8 week period and includes how to:

  • Select the right clothing to suit conditions and why
  • Launching and recovering your boat
  • Identifying key components on your boat and be able to rig with assistance
  • Know where the wind is coming from
  • Recover from a capsize
  • Learn to set your sails – fully in when going upwind, fully out when going downwind and halfway in between.
  • Balance your boat as the wind increases.
  • Steer the boat in a basic direction
  • Change directions by tacking.
  • Understand that the boat needs to “zig zag” upwind.
  • Understanding the basic right of way rules.

Start Sailing 2 (SS2)

The next stage of progression that builds upon the knowledge and skills developed in SS1 and includes undertaking adventure type sailing, and exploring parts of Pittwater

This course is run over a 8 week period and includes how to:

  • Know the right clothing and safety equipment to suit conditions and why
  • Identifying all components on your boat and be able to rig without assistance
  • Launching and recovering your boat
  • Able to demonstrate correct sail trimming
  • Recover from a capsize
  • Change directions by gybing
  • Successfully sail a triangle course.
  • Centreboard positions for different points of sail
  • Perform heave to manoeuvre and man overboard recovery
  • React and understand gust and lulls.
  • Apply the right of way rules and different points of sail

Download your Start Sailing Handbook Here

Progression Paths for Juniors

Although all classes of boat are welcome at BYRA, currently BYRA has the following progression paths for junior sailor:

BYRA Training Boats

Optimist / Pittwater Juniors / Envy

Junior Single Handed Boats

Open BICs / Spirals / Lasers

Junior Two Handed Boats

Manly Juniors (Combined Crew 50-70kg) / Flying 11s (Combined Crew 70-100kg) / NS14s

Parents you can help too

An integral part of children’s success is the parents taking an active part. Sailing is a lot of fun but generally does require practice and a commitment from you. It takes some effort to achieve success.

Prior knowledge helps but is not essential. Talking, learning and helping does.

If the parent can be an active part of our organising, it makes a huge difference to everyone (including your children as they ‘learn the ropes’), some roles do not require any prior experience.

fast track learning

A great way to fast track learning, is to try to get a crew spot in one of the two handed junior boats participating at BYRA in the Junior racing and learn from a peer.

BYRA Junior racing (Green Fleet) is run immediately after SS and the juniors have a short race with the instructors following the fleet giving guidance and tuition as the junior’s sail. After a season or 2, you may be able to jump to skipper or continue crewing in the afternoon races.

BYRA has a good selection of club boats to team up with someone else (from SS2 or BS1) or you can look at getting your own boat.

The more time spent on the water, the better. Build you skills and have FUN.

  • Tacking and gybing,
  • Sailing competently upwind
  • Balancing the boat effectively, rarely capsize up to 8 knots,
  • Tasting 10 knots occasionally with support.
  • Allow at least a season building skills

After completing SS2 and ‘learning the ropes’ you are actively encouraged to become a member of BYRA and enjoy the many other social, sailing and development activities the club has to offer.

Join our Start Sailing Course Here

progress to Better Sailing

it never stops… has no top end!

BYRA’s final stage of junior progression is Better Sailing (BS1). This course is about developing boat handling skills and racing tactics.

BS1 is worked together with the Junior Racing “Green Fleet” to develop the confidence to participate and enjoy afternoon racing.

BS1 is run over 8 week periods and include how to:

  • Rig boat for optimum performance and adjust trim controls to suit conditions
  • Boat handling in various winds from 0 to 25 knots and start line control
  • Observing racing rules
  • Adjusting for wind changes to gain advantage
  • Use Spinnakers effectively
  • Come along side another vessel or pontoon
  • Understand starting procedures
  • Show the importance of teamwork

Sailing is a game of knowledge

  • Listen to the instructors/ coaches/ officials and try to do (and remember) what they suggest.
  • Be open minded, many people are held back by failing to take on suggestions.
  • It’s all about helping. BYRA and its members are here to help each other, including you.
  • Juniors also need to take responsibility for their learning and looking after the boats.
  • If you don’t want to learn, no-one will force you – but having FUN is compulsory!